FERPA Notice and Student Unionization from the Provost Office

Dear Student,
A number of you have come forward with questions regarding the FERPA notice sent on March 8, 2023.  In summary, Dartmouth has received a lawfully issued subpoena from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in response to GOLD-EU's February 24, 2023, petition.  In that petition, GOLD-UE is seeking to be certified as the exclusive representative (Union) of graduate students enrolled at Dartmouth and you, as a graduate student enrolled at Dartmouth, fall into the definition of the group, also referred to as a bargaining unit.
Dartmouth is therefore required by law to provide your full name, work locations, shifts, job classifications, and contact information (including home addresses, available personal email addresses, and available personal home and cellular telephone numbers) to the NLRB and to the Union to facilitate an election – and is required to do so for all students who are members of the potential bargaining unit (graduate students at Dartmouth), regardless of any individual student's support for or opposition to unionization. 
You will be receiving a notice regarding the time(s) and location(s) of the election. The election will permit graduate students to exercise their free choice, respecting their privacy in an environment free of coercion or pressure.  All are encouraged to vote in this election since the vote of the majority will be binding on all. Please be sure to check out the FAQ and stay informed.
Further information can be found here.
The Office of the Provost