N. Bruce Duthu Reappointed as the Faculty Director of the Tribal Services & Solutions

Dear Colleagues and Friends of the Tribal Services & Solutions Project,

With great pleasure, I write to announce the reappointment of N. Bruce Duthu, Samson Occom Professor of Native American Studies, as the Faculty Director of the Tribal Services & Solutions Project for three additional years, starting July 1, 2022.

The Tribal Services & Solutions Project reinforces Dartmouth's commitment to the Native peoples of this nation and the College's recommitment to Native American students. The project enables Dartmouth to partner with Tribal Nations to address systemic inequities within Native American and Indigenous communities and develop long-term challenges, with a special emphasis on economic development, health care, and government relations.

Since his initial 1-year appointment last year, Bruce helped shape the pilot program—fostering collaboration and partnership with Native American communities. Under his direction, the program accelerated education, research, and engagement among Dartmouth students and faculty with Native American tribal leaders and alumni in the field. Through his continued vision, direction, and stewardship, the Tribal Services & Solutions Project will advance its mission and continue to empower the Dartmouth community to make positive changes in Native American communities.

In addition to his work with the pilot program, Bruce is an internationally recognized scholar and has lectured on indigenous rights worldwide. He is a citizen of the United Houma Nation of Louisiana, and a distinguished author, contributing author, and co-editor of significant literature in Native American law and policy.

I am grateful for everything the pilot program has achieved since its conception and for the leadership role Bruce has played. Please join me in congratulating Bruce on his renewal and wishing him success throughout the next three years.

David Kotz, Provost