Climate Futures Initiative

Climate Futures Initiative

The Climate Futures Initiative (CFI) is a collaborative process to map out a vision for climate scholarship and engagement at Dartmouth. Directed by Professor Laura Ogden, the Special Advisor to the Provost on Climate and Sustainability, CFI will identify Dartmouth's distinct strengths in climate research and teaching and make recommendations to help amplify those strengths. 

A cornerstone of this effort is to explore the campus as lab model. The term "lab" is used in its most capacious sense here, understanding that a lab is not a space that easily fits everyone's intellectual culture. Instead, "campus as lab" can become a model that encourages integrative and creative thinking, spanning the humanities, arts, sciences, and applied fields, to help us become and train scholars for a world facing the challenges of a changing climate. 


Decarbonization at Dartmouth

May 1, 2024


Meredith Kelly

Chaired by Meredith Kelly, Professor and Chair of Earth Sciences


Organic Farm

May 3, 2024


Theresa Ong

Chaired by Theresa Ong, Professor of Environmental Studies


Arctic and Cold Regions

June 6, 2024


Melody Burkins

Chaired by Melody Burkins, Professor of Environmental Studies and Director of the


Forest Lands

September 13, 2024


Matt Ayres

Chaired by Matt Ayres, Professor of Biological Sciences


Climate Scholarship Across Campus



Justin Mankin

Chaired by Justin Mankin, Professor of Geography


Climate in Curriculum



Laura Ogden, Professor of Anthropology, and Special Advisor to the Provost on Climate and Sustainability.

Chaired by Laura Ogden, Professor of Anthropology 



In addition to the CFI colloquia, the Provost's Office will also provide support and funding for several CFI pilot research and community engagement projects. Further, CFI will develop opportunities to  deepen student engagement and intellectual inquiry around climate and sustainability.

The Climate Futures Initiative is a core component of the Dartmouth Climate Collaborative, one of five pillars of President Sian Leah Beilock's presidency. 

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