Negotiations with GOLD-UE

To the Guarini community,

I write to update you on the status of union negotiations between the institution and the Graduate Organized Laborers of Dartmouth (GOLD-UE). As you know, in April the National Labor Relations Board certified GOLD-UE as the exclusive agent for collective bargaining on behalf of graduate students enrolled in degree programs who are employed to provide teaching and research services. 

We anticipate that these discussions will begin at the end of August, with an initial focus on establishing ground rules for the collective bargaining process. Negotiations will encompass the terms and conditions of employment for graduate students who are paid stipends, including roles, duties, compensation rates, and benefits.

Dartmouth will refrain from bargaining on academic matters. Admissions, academic standards, degree requirements, matters of academic freedom, the research and discovery enterprise, grant management, curriculum and instructional methods, academic procedures, and decisions about who teaches and how teaching occurs will remain the purview of the university and our faculty. These are integral to our educational mission and will not be part of the discussions.

For additional information about the negotiation process, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section on the Office of the Provost website.

Dartmouth is committed to bargaining constructively and in good faith and we look forward to arriving at a contract that prioritizes the interests of all graduate students. We will communicate periodically regarding the progress of collective bargaining while an agreement is negotiated, and about any changes that may take place as a result.


David Kotz