A&S Future, phase two

Dear Colleagues,
As a follow-up to President Beilock's message to faculty last week, and as co-chairs of the steering committee exploring structural change to Arts & Sciences to position it for success in a rapidly changing world, we are writing to share the plan for phase two of the project.
Dean Smith and three working groups laid an excellent foundation over the past year upon which we will build. Their work revealed myriad complex questions that provide a road map for phase two. Answers to these questions—from structures that facilitate research within and across institutional boundaries to a budget model that provides autonomy, flexibility, and opportunities for growth—will guide our thinking as we aim to strengthen the impact of Arts & Sciences faculty research and teaching for the benefit of our students, community, and society.
We are in the process of establishing specific task groups, to be composed of faculty and staff experts who will focus on specific questions. These groups will be charged with exploring areas ranging from advising and student support to enrollment strategies and collaboration. To inform their work, task groups will consult with standing committees and individual faculty and staff as necessary and appropriate. Additionally, there will be opportunities this fall to hear updates on our progress and to provide feedback before recommendations are made by the end of fall term. President Beilock will be engaged throughout, and we expect to deliver a final proposal to her and, subsequently, to the Board of Trustees, for approval by the end of the academic year.
We are updating the Arts and Sciences Future website to reflect the transition to phase two and to keep you apprised of our progress. You can find a summary of the work accomplished to date there. We will also provide updates at regular faculty meetings and will arrange other opportunities to share our work with the community. You are, of course, welcome to reach out to us directly or via email at artsci-future@dartmouth.edu.
We truly appreciate the work done by Dean Smith and those of you who served on working groups last year. We look forward to the continued involvement of many of you as this next phase begins. Likewise, we are grateful to have the continued support of the team of professionals at Huron Consulting who have been supporting this project from the beginning.
As President Beilock wrote in her message, "a strong Arts & Sciences is necessary for a strong Dartmouth." We could not agree more and look forward, with your help, to developing a structure for Arts & Sciences that will allow one of Dartmouth's distinctive strengths—its faculty and staff—to become even stronger.

Thank you in advance for your engagement and support.

David Kotz '86
Rosenwald Professor, Computer Science
Nina Pavcnik
Professor of Economics, special adviser to the president
Niehaus Family Professor in International Studies