Steering Committee of the General Faculty

Steering Committee of the General Faculty


  1. To call meetings of the General Faculty upon its own initiative, or upon petition by members of the General Faculty as explained in Section B above.
  2. To set the agenda for all meetings of the General Faculty.
  3. To transmit all communications on behalf of the General Faculty.
  4. To establish and eliminate Committees of the General Faculty, and to appoint members thereto, to study and/or make recommendations on any matter of common concern to the faculties of this institution. Reports and recommendations from such committees are received by the Steering Committee, which may then submit them for deliberation and/or action to the General Faculty, a Council of the General Faculty, or the separate Faculties.
  5. To prepare and to distribute the minutes of the meetings of the General Faculty.
  6. To provide a continuous assessment of the organization, membership, functions, and purposes of the General Faculty and to propose such modifications as may be in accord with the responsibilities of the General Faculty of this institution. Any amendments of the charter of the General Faculty will become effective upon ratification by the separate faculties of arts and sciences, medicine, engineering, and business administration.


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