Provost's Advisory Committee on Classrooms


Represents and aligns all stakeholder interests across projects and initiatives affecting A&S and Guarini classrooms, and advises the Provost on planning and updating A&S and Guarini classrooms.

Areas of Review:
1. Coordinate classroom planning and budgeting across A&S, Guarini, and the College.
2. Advise and consult on all new construction, renovation, and technology projects that involve A&S and Guarini classrooms.
3. Assist in strategic planning by identifying and prioritizing opportunities for improving A&S and Guarini classrooms.
4. Publish and disseminate annual and 5-year plans for renovation and classroom updating. Send recommendations to the Provost in advance of the budget cycle.
5. Develop recommendations for policy governing use of classrooms.


  • Director of Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning (Co-Chair)
  • Associate Director for Learning Innovation (Co-Chair)
  • Provost or representative
  • A&S Registrar or representative
  • Senior Associate Registrar for Research
  • Assistant Registrar for Classroom Scheduling
  • A&S representative from Arts & Humanities
  • A&S representative from Sciences
  • A&S representative from Social Sciences
  • A&S representative from International Studies and Interdisciplinary Programs
  • Dean of Guarini School or representative
  • Campus Planning & Facilities representative(s)
  • Director of Campus Planning
  • Project Manager of Learning Spaces and Interior
  • Information, Technology and Consulting (ITC) representative(s)
  • Classroom Technology Services
  • Learning Design and Innovation
  • Associate Director of Conferences and Events
  • Director of Student Accessibility Services