Working Group on Family Leave


As part of Dartmouth's voluntary participation in the New Hampshire Paid Family and Medical Leave Plan (NH PFMLP), Dartmouth offers paid leave to eligible staff for taking time away from work in support of the arrival of a new child (see Dartmouth Staff Parental Leave Policy) or to care for a family member (staff caregiver policy not yet posted). The Working Group on Family Leave needs to ensure that the paid parental and caregiver leave benefits provided to faculty are consistent with the requirements for Dartmouth's participation in NH PFMLP, and if possible, with the Dartmouth staff policies, which go above and beyond NH's requirements. In addition, the Working Group needs to ensure benefits are equitable across schools and categories of faculty, with differences appropriate to the differences in academic structures of the schools.


The Working Group on Family Leave will consider:

  • To what extent do faculty-specific policies for family-related leave differ across Dartmouth's schools?
  • To what extent do the policies need to be the same? What differences are allowed, e.g., because of differences in the structure of academic appointments in one school vs. another?
  • To what extent do the faculty policies need to be adjusted to align with federal or state regulations?
  • To what extent do the faculty policies differ from HR's policy as it applies to staff? To what extent should policies be better aligned?


  • A summary of the policies for each of the four faculties.
  • A summary of their differences, with each other and with the policies for staff.
  • Recommendations for adjustments (if any) to the policies for compliance with regulations, and further adjustments (if any) for better consistency.


  • Kenya Tyson, (co-chair) Senior Associate Provost
  • Dean Lacy, (co-chair) Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs
  • Michelle Scichilone, Executive Director, Human Resources Total Rewards
  • Amanda Bushor, Director, Arts and Sciences Operations and Finance Center
  • Nick Ryan, Chief of Staff, Geisel School Dean's Office
  • Laura Ray, Senior Associate Dean, Thayer Faculty Development
  • Brian Tomlin, Senior Associate Dean, Tuck Faculty and Research

Executive Sponsors

  • David Kotz, Provost
  • Sara Lester, Chief Human Resources Officer