Provost's Working Group on Human Remains at Dartmouth


  • To solicit and review information from Dartmouth's schools and divisions as well as external consultants pertaining to human remains in Dartmouth's care, including re: 
    • identity of individuals represented (as available); 
    • collection procedures; 
    • conditions of storage; 
    • use in current teaching and research; and
    • existing plans for return/reburial/removal from campus.
  • To oversee the creation of a comprehensive database of human remains present across all Dartmouth schools and divisions.
  • To recommend a framework for the future collection, use, and stewardship of human remains at Dartmouth that conforms to ethical principles and legal requirements as well as best scientific and scholarly practices, particularly in the context of Dartmouth's Toward Equity strategic plan.
  • To provide the Provost and the community updates on the group's progress, at least quarterly.


  • Sonu Bedi, Joel Parker 1811 Professor in Law and Political Science, Hans '80 and Kate Morris Director of the Ethics Institute, & Professor of Government
  • Shontay Delalue, Senior Vice President and Senior Diversity Officer


  • Jeremy DeSilva, PhD, Professor & Chair, Department of Anthropology
  • Alex Diaz, Chief Compliance Officer
  • Bruce Duthu, Samson Occom Professor & Chair, Department of Native American and Indigenous Studies
  • Val Werner, Historical Accountability Student Research Program Coordinator
  • Dean Madden, Vice Provost for Research and Professor of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Geisel
  • Jami Powell, Assoc. Director of Curatorial Affairs & Curator of Indigenous Art, Hood Museum
  • James Reed, Director of Anatomy Laboratory, Geisel School of Medicine
  • Kenya Tyson, Senior Assoc. Provost


The working group will likely need to reach out to various offices and experts on campus, including:

  • Lisa Adams, Associate Dean for Global Health & Director of the Center for Global Health Equity and Professor of Medicine, Geisel
  • Justin Anderson, Vice President for Communications
  • Emily Andrews, NAGPRA Research Assistant, Hood Museum
  • Nicole Borges, Chair of Medical Education, Geisel
  • Erika Brown, Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Geisel School of Medicine
  • Daniel Chamberlain, Associate Dean of Libraries for Research and Digital Strategies
  • Matthew Delmont, Associate Dean of International and Interdisciplinary Studies & Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professor of History
  • Heather Drinan, Director of Government Relations
  • Tammy Hickox, Associate General Counsel 
  • Tom Jack, Chair, Department of Biology
  • Sue Mehrer, Dean of Libraries
  • John Stomberg, Director, Hood Museum of Art 
  • Joanna Whitcomb, Director of Campus Planning


  • staff or student from Native American Program
  • staff or faculty from DH Orthopedics or Surgery
  • others, as needed.

Administrative support:

  • Kerianne Armelli, Project Manager for Osteology and Repatriation