Provost's Advisory Group on GenAI and Pedagogy


GenAI includes a range of technologies that produce text, images, video, or other content, given an example or a textual prompt. Well-known tools include chatbots such as ChatGPT and image generators like DALL-E. Faculty and students are already discovering new opportunities for the use of these increasingly powerful tools in teaching, learning, and research. The rapid evolution of this technology requires that we provide faculty with regularly-updated guidance about the impact of these tools on classroom instruction and student coursework, such as that posted on the DCAL website. In addition, recognizing the potential of GenAI to encourage experimentation in the classroom, we are also keen to support faculty who want to make innovative use of these tools in their pedagogy.


This working group will consider ways in which faculty can effectively and responsibly use Generative AI in their classes.

  • To guide the creation of guidelines, and curation of informational resources, for faculty committed to learning about and using Generative AI in their classes. 
  • To draft and propose a program (or set of programs) that support faculty who want to make innovative use of these tools in their pedagogy.


  • A proposal for a program or set of programs, as described above, with a budget to support them.
  • An implementation plan for the creation of GAI guidelines and curation of resources.
  • A charter for a standing workgroup that will regularly update the guidance in accordance with emerging trends in both the technology and its application to pedagogy.


  • Begin work in September 2023 and complete deliverables by the end of November 2023.


  • Scott Pauls, DCAL (chair)
  • Daniel Chamberlain, Library
  • Christian Darabos, ITC
  • Erin DeSilva, ITC
  • Jed Dobson, Institute for Writing and Rhetoric
  • Rob Shumsky, Tuck
  • Thomas Thesen, Geisel
  • Doug van Citters, Thayer
  • Barbara Will, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs