Provost's Advisory Council on Undergraduate Enrollment Management (PACUEM)


The Provost's Advisory Council on Undergraduate Enrollment Management (PACUEM) coordinates data sharing and centralize trend analysis, excluding any data relating to a student's individual financial circumstances, for all aspects of undergraduate enrollment for purposes of admissions, budget, housing, and academic planning.

Areas of Review

  • Annual enrollment planning and budgeting (class size, transfers, overall headcount)
  • D-Plan management (optimizing term enrollments) 
  • Retention and graduation tracking Implementation of American Talent Initiative (Pell expansion)
  • Financial aid tracking 
  • Readmission policy and strategy 
  • Develop and manage enrollment data dashboard 
  • Enrollment growth (future) 
  • Need-blind international – implementation 
  • Bed management and housing optimization


  • Kenya Tyson, (chair) Senior Associate Provost
    • Aileen Lem, (support) Project Manager, Strategic Initatives
  • Libby Barlow, Associate Provost for Institutional Research
  • Scott Brown, Dean of the College
  • Lee Coffin, Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
  • Paul Harvey, Assistant Vice President for Financial Planning and Budget
  • Anne Hudak, Associate Dean of Student Support Services
  • Josh Keniston, Senior Vice President of Capital Planning and Campus Operations
  • Dino Koff, Director of Financial Aid
  • Stacey Millard, Associate Dean of Residential Life
  • Eric Parsons, Registrar, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Kevin Ramos-Glew, Director of Enrollment Planning and Special Assistant to the Vice President
  • Representative from the Dean of the Faculty